Last update: 19.9.2004

Through the Eyes of Afro-Mexican Youth from Costa Chica Region

Features 16 young student artists from Costa Chica
Art Exhibit in Arizona, August 23 - October 15 2004

Daniel Ortega, USA:

"TeraStone"- and "AshStone"-art made in Zipolite in 2003
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This page gives space to every type of art in certain circumstances: Either the art is created during a stay on the Costa Chica or it concerns the region.

Send your poems, fotos of your paintings or sandcastles, whatever you created to:


Este pagina da espacio para todos tipos de arte con la condición que el arte estaba nacido durante una estancia en la Costa Chica y unos de sus playas o se refiere a este región.

Mandenos su poemas, fotos de sus pinturas o castillos de arena, lo que sea a:

Gloria Ramirez, México:

The paintings were made between 1998 and 2003.
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Sarah Clarknova, USA:

Painted in Zipolite in spring 2003
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Lloyd Murray Tyler, Canada:

The studies of the "roca blanca" (white rock) were made in summer 2003.
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Tina Winterlik , Canada:

Zipolite water colours created between february and october 2001
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Ween, Canada

The famous band Ween created this ode on Zipolite in 1997 - Pink Eye (On My Leg) Download song

Rastrillos, México:

This reggae-band is also known for their famous song "Zipolite, es la playa del amor"
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Yoguie Ebano, México:

During his stay in Zipolite (he lives in Zipolite since years) he created a lot of paintings and wooden carvings
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Jean Bonnin, Great Britan

The detective novel "A Zipolite Mystery" has been written in Zipolite in may 2003.
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Achmed von Wartburg, Switzerland:

The serie "Clouds and waves, black eyes" was created in Zipolite in winter 2001/02.
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Ralfka, USA:

The "oil on metal"-images are the product of a stay in Zipolite in winter 2002/03.
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